Other excursions

In Moldova, despite its small area, there are many other attractions that we recommend to visit.

City tour of Chisinau – the capital has a large number of architectural monuments, various museums and theaters. Tourists will be interested in the Herta house, City Hall, the building of Mihai Eminescu theater and many others.

Tour in Dolna – a fascinating journey into the Moldovan Kodry to Rally’s family estate in places of Aleksander Pushkin’s south exile for connoisseurs of poetry. Inspired by it Bessarabian Tabor, he wrote his famous poem “The Gypsies”.

Manuk Bey Manor – an architectural monument of the XIX century, located near the Hincesti. It’s the largest palace and park complex in Moldova, owned by a well-known diplomat and spy of the Russian-Turkish wars – Manuk Bey Mirzoyan.

Soroca fortress – a fortification built by the Moldovan gospodar Stefan the Great. This is one of the few remaining in Europe round-shaped castles. Soroca Fortress is also a national symbol and is represented on the 20 lei banknote and the back of the Moldovan ID.

Old Orhei – a huge historical and architectural complex, which is located in the delta of the river Raut, at a distance of 60 km from the capital. There you can see constructions of different periods: the remains of Geto-Dacian fortress, a fortified settlement of the Golden Horde times and Orthodox monasteries.

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