Monasteries of Moldova

Moldova has a huge amount of existing monasteries and churches that are interesting to visit. All the monasteries and monastic complexes of Moldova are open to public.

The famous Capriana monastery is the first to visit, built in the 1429. The monastery complex is a typical example of religious architecture of Moldova with its national qualities.

Saharna monastery has a special charm – it is carved on top of a rocky bank of the Dnestr river. This monastery dates back to 1459. According to the legend, in one of the cells of the monastery Virgin Mary left her mark – hundreds of pilgrims come each year to this monastery because of that.

Another interesting architectural complex is Suruceni monastery, built in the late XVIII century. Its distinctive feature and the main tourist attraction is the pink church. Such non-specific color it imparts a pink tuff, delivered specifically from Armenia. In this monastery are also situated two ancient Orthodox icons: “Savior blessing” and “Our Lady of Suruceni”.

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