Caves of Moldova

Moldova is known for its karst caves. The most popular among tourists is “The Emil Racovita” cave or “The Cinderella” cave – it’s a unique natural monument. The cave entrance is located on the territory of Moldova, in the village Criva. However, the bulk of its underground tunnels (92 km) is located mostly on the territory of Ukraine.

Due to the large size of the cave is investigated until now. This is the third world’s largest karst cave. Previously, she was completely flooded, but in the middle of the XX century, there began to produce gypsum and workers partially drained the cave.

Among other things, the cave has an interesting feature: its vaults covered with layers of colored clay, which gives a fabulous view. At the moment, there is detected the clay of green, black, white, blue and red colors. Color saturation varies and depends on the content of the other minerals.

The cave was discovered by accident. During the development of a gypsum quarry, after the explosion, opened one of the current entrances. Cave attracts many professional and amateur speleologists. They discovered more than 20 underground lakes and halls “Dacia” and “The hundred-meter hall”.

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